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Is Monavie a Garden of Eden elixer?   Leave a comment

Monavie is getting a lot of great reviews on the Internet that I believe can be of great benefit to diabetics. The main ingredient is the Acai Berry, but it has many other juices added as well with one of them being Prune juice. Prunes have been consumed by some to prevent symptoms that pertain to aging and is used for treatment of diabetes. The super charged juice has very little sugar because the sugar comes from the friut they use to make it. Bilberries are also added to this “Garden of Eden” elixer. Diabetics have trouble with their eyes and the bilberry help strengthen eye cappillaries and they also treat night blindness. Aronia is another ingredient in Monavie that is used to treat diabetes. This fruit is used to treat cardiac illnesses and Cancer. It also has some minerals that make it a very viable anti-diabetic food. The Goji fruit is another superfruit that is included in this elixer. In China, it is known as the Wolf berry and is called “The Herb of Longevity.” This fruit has a great amount of antioxidants in it and gives longevity to whoever consumes the fruit. It is used to treat a great number of diseases. The Pomegranate and the Acerola Cherry are two more ingredients that are added to the mix of this wonderful product. The Pomegranite has more antioxidants than red wine, green tea, and cranberry juice. It clears plaque from the inner walls of our arteries. The Acerola Cherry has a great amount of antioxidants in it also and definitly holds its own in the fight against Diabetes. I have seen many testimonies in forums online about this product and believe very strongly that this can be a great product to use in the fight against diabetes. My question is can we get doctors to recommend it to their patients?


Posted March 15, 2011 by buck1188 in Health Product